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Clinker Huon Pine Dinghy

New to arrive at Wilderness Woodworks Strahan is a handcrafted Clinker Huon Pine Dinghy.

This Clinker dinghy is made to a design from 1980 by boatbuilder, Don Brown of Old Beach, Tasmania.  This style of dinghy was commonly used on fishing boats around the south coast of Tasmania as a general "knockabout" and for setting cray pots and fishing nets in.

The overall length of the dinghy is 9ft 4inches with an approximate weight of 80kgs.

Don's son, Glenn has lovingly handcrafted this dinghy in solid huon pine planks, some of which feature bird's eye.  These stunning huon pine planks are all held together with over 400 handcrafted copper nails.  The gunwhale, centreboard and rowlock chock capping are made from solid blackwood.

The dinghy comes complete with silver wattle oars, while the mast &  boom are oregon pine.

All one needs is a sail and she is ready for a lovely day out on the water.
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